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The #SolidarityWeave is a network of care through which we provide material support (food, hygiene supplies, clothing, etc.) and integral accompaniment for paperwork related to subsidies and other issues, to avoid evictions and to facilitate access to health services. 

During the pandemic, individual donors, companies and government offices provided significant resources to help resolve the situation of the TTNB community. Today, we supply people with a package of food and other essential items once a month.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic aggravated the structural violation of the TTNB community’s rights and inspired the creation of this program, the #SolidarityWeave is here to stay and continues to accompany the community with support and care.


Travesti, Trans and Non-Binary People Accompanied



The volunteers and their trans neighbors created friendships and connections, making the network a motor for social change. As a result of this program, the number of TTNB students who signed up to study in our school has tripled.

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