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11 años tejiendo por la equality by the travesti, trans and non-binary community

En la Mocha nos dedicamos a promover la igualdad social de las personas travestis, trans y no binarias de manera integral.

Our organization emerged from the Mocha Celis Travesti-Trans Popular High School, our foundational program, where we seek to co-create a new world free from the structural barriers that the TTNB community faces today. We achieve this through high-quality, free education that has a gender perspective and is grounded in cultural and sexual diversity. We have a track record of more than 10 years of grassroots socio-educational work that predates the founding of our formal non-profit organization.

Our programs

Today, our networks are growing not only around education, but also related to work, housing, heath and culture, guaranteeing that every day there are greater options for our students and the community alike.

About us

We are a diverse and multicultural community We are people who are travestis, trans, non-binary, gay, lesbian, brown, afro, immigrants, fat, disabled and much, much more. We are students, graduates, and teachers inside and outside the classroom; we are collaborators committed to this collective growth; volunteers who are continually present on the ground; and all those who have contributed and continue to do so since we began.