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We seek to improve the conditions of social and integration into the labor market so that all people can access a formal job in an environment free of discrimination and violence , that embraces travesti, trans and non-binary identities with a gender perspective.

We have agreements with several private and public entities to guarantee the integration of TTNB people with respect for gender diversity.

Are you looking for TTNB talent?

Are you looking for a job?

What do we offer TTNB people?

A great variety of job opportunities

at companies that respect gender diversity.

Training in different trades,

such as gastronomy, medical assistance, surgical technician, elder care, etc.


for their integration into the world of formal work.

Support for productive initiatives,

which we stimulate and showcase in events like the traditional Mocha Fests.

What do we offer companies, public entities and other employers?

Pre-selection of qualified people

and integral accompaniment during the selection and integration processes.

Integral training

on gender diversity, fostering the transformation of work environments to embrace diversity.

Training in strategic areas

(human resources, supervising teams, managers, among others).

Assistance on legal issues

(gender identity law, changes to national ID cards, and other laws).

Assistance with policy and protocols

creation and/or incorporation of gender perspective and diversity.