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Regional Gatherings

Our vision is that there be schools like the Mocha in each Argentine province and in the whole world. In fact, we receive numerous national and international inquiries about how to create networks based on our experience.

In the realm of education, in 2021, we held the First Federal Gathering of Travesti-Trans Education with more than 1,000 participants - the majority TTNB teachers and students - to rethink education from the perspective of feminist and transfeminist pedagogies, and to systematize the needs and demands of TTNB people, with a rights perspective. We expect to repeat the regional gathering every year, in different places.

See How the First Gathering Went:




Travesti-Trans Non-Binary Education Programs


Teachers (of which 80 were travestis, trans or non-binary)


Students (of which 100 were travestis, trans or non-binary)